Rose Marie Briggs recreated Tipperary, the town, the mine and also the people between 1914 and 1927 in her book entitled "Tipperary, Gone But Not Forgotten". She also wrote a book about the Olmitz mine named "Memories about Olmitz". Her blog is located at

"History of Hiteman - A Mining Town (Albia)" by Rosalie Mullinex is also available from Rosalie.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Olmitz - A Coal Mining Town

On Frank Myers Blog today he had a very interesting story with pictures of the Olmitz mining area.  Click here to visit this blog:


Anonymous said...

This is amazing stuff. I am enthralled in the history and memories shared here. Is there anywhere in South Iowa where one can visit an old abandoned coal mine and take photos of the outside as Im sure the insides are dangerous and off limits?

Fladamia Janavitch said...

Always interesting to find out the history of coal mines - thanks for sharing this really interesting post!